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Air Force Specialized Hospital
Air Force Specialized Hospital
Air Force Specialized Hospital
Air Force Specialized Hospital
Air Force Specialized Hospital
Air Force Specialized Hospital
Air Force Specialized Hospital
Air Force Specialized Hospital
Air Force Specialized Hospital
Lymphedema Treatment Unit


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Doctor Name

Dr. Talaal Abdel Aziz Faraag
Head of pediatric departments in military medical services
Dr. Hesham Mohamed El Sawah
Consultant hepatology and gastroenterology
Dr. Iman Hassan Draz
Pediatric consultant
Dr. Mohamed Abdelmooti Mohamed Samra
Professor of Medical Oncology, NCI, Cairo University
Dr. Mohamed Hany Hafez
Professor of medicine and Nephrology Cairo University
Dr. Mohamed Said El Deeb
Dr. Osama Mohamed El Sayed Dief
Lecture of Obstetrics and Gynecology - at Alazhar University
Dr. Sameh Fayek
Dr. Wael Safwat Abdel-Baki
Professor of Hepato-Gastroenterology, Endoscopy
Dr. Abdel Basset El Gemaie
Dr. Abdel Megeed Tag El Din
Professor (Al-Azhar University)
Dr. Abdel Naser Mohamed Sharaf
Consultant Dermatology
Dr. Abdel Nasr Hussien Abdel Nasr
Dr. Abdel Rahaman Mohamed bekhect El Maraghy
Prof. General and Endocrine Surgery Ain Shams university
Dr. Abdel Rahman Mohamad Aziz
Dr. Abdel Rahman Mohamed
Dr. Abdel Raouf Mahmoud Shalash
Dr. Abdel-Aty Mohamed Abdel-Aty
Dr. Abdel-Latif Mustafa
Consultant Gastroenterology
Dr. Abdelrahman Elsayed Atya
Dr. Abdel-Salam Eid Abdel-Salam
Dr. Abdul Rahman Marzouk
Dr. Abdulaziz Ahmed Hafez
Dr. Abdulaziz Fouad Abdulaziz
Dr. Abdulrahman Ali Al-Buraiqi
Dr. Abdulrahman Ali Al-Buraiqi
Dr. Abeer Abdel Maksoud
Consultant of Pediatric
Dr. Abeer Abdel Maksoud
Consultant of Pediatric
Dr. Abeer Sharif Ali
Dr. Abla Saleh
Dr. Abram Ernst Amin
Dr. Adel Abdel Razek Farag Hassan
Prof. of Ophthalmology - Facoulty of Medicine Zagazig University
Dr. Adel Hamed
Professor Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Adel Hasouna
Dr. Adel Hassanien El Sayed Gad
Professor of Neurology - Cairo University
Dr. Adel Hussein Mohamed El Hakem
Professor of Neurosurgery ain shams
Dr. Adel Hussein Amr
Consultant Hand Upper, Micro Surgery
Dr. Adel Khamis
Professor Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Afaf Hemada
Interal medicine
Dr. Ahmad Fawzy
Dr. Ahmad Osman Musa
Dr. Ahmad Rajab
Dr. Ahmad Shawqi
Dr. Ahmed Saad Abdel Halim Mohamed
Lecturer of pediatrics-october 6 university
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz Abdel Ghafar
Professor Head of general surgery
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hamid Hassan
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Moneim Amara
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahim
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Raouf Elsharkawy
Professor Digestive surgery, Mansoura university
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rhman Hammad
Lecturer of internal medicine – faculty of medicine – Fayoum University
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie Salem
Professor Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Fattah Mohamed Ramadan
orthodontic consultant
Dr. Ahmed Abdel-rahman
Dr. Ahmed Abdelrahman AL khatib
E.N.T consultant military forces
Dr. Ahmed Abdulmageed Abdullah
Dr. Ahmed Abu Al-Fath
Dr. Ahmed Adel
Dr. Ahmed Alaa El Din Mansour Abo-Oof
Consultant Internal .Medicine & Endocrinology
Dr. Ahmed Aladdin
Dr. Ahmed Ali Ahmed Mostafa
Consultant Neurology & psychiatry
Dr. Ahmed Ali El-Borlosy
Dr. Ahmed Al-Said El-Sayed Mohamed
Consultant Neurology
Dr. Ahmed Al-Sayed Mohamed Al-Zamzamy
consultant & lecturer of gastroenterology
Dr. Ahmed Ashraf Abd El-Salam Eissa
Consultant of Interventional Cardiology & sports cardiology
Dr. Ahmed Atef El Azab El-Nimr
Consultant Urology
Dr. Ahmed Bahgat
Dr. Ahmed Bakr Mohamed Ismail
Maxillfacial Surgery specialist
Dr. Ahmed El Ashry
Dr. Ahmed El Ashry
Dr. Ahmed El Bokl
Dr. Ahmed El Sayed Abdelber
Dr. Ahmed El Sayed Baghdadi
Dr. Ahmed El-Meligy
Dr. Ahmed El-Namr
Dr. Ahmed Elsayed Khedr
Dr. Ahmed Elsayed Youssef
Dr. Ahmed Emad
Dr. Ahmed Emad Al-Din Mohamad
Dr. Ahmed Emad El Din Ghoneim
Dr. Ahmed Farag Ahmed El Kased
Professor of Surgical Oncology and General Surgery - vice president of Menoufia university
Dr. Ahmed Farouk Mahmoud
lecturerof urology Ain Shams university hospitals
Dr. Ahmed Fouad Mohamed Seif El-Din
Dr. Ahmed Galal
Professor Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Ahmed Hassan Abdel Aziz
Dr. Ahmed Hassan El Sebilgy
Consultant of General Surgery & Gastrointestinal surgery
Dr. Ahmed Hassan Khashba
Ear, nose and throat consultant Military Medical Academy
Dr. Ahmed Hassan Sayed Khader
Dr. Ahmed Helmy Omar
Dr. Ahmed Hussein Hassan
Dr. Ahmed Khairy Abdel-Shakour
associate professor of Vascular Surgery
Dr. Ahmed Magdy Rabea
Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Zaghloul
professor Pediatric Surgery military medical academy
Dr. Ahmed Masoud
Dr. Ahmed Medhat Saeed Abdul Salam
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Karim
Vascular Surgery consultant
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Yehia
Lecturer of general and laparoscopic surgery
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed El Badrawy
Professor of Orthopedic Ain Shams University
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed El Demerdassh
General doctor / head of depertament
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed El Sabaa
Consultant of Neurosurgery
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Elsadek
Lecturer of Neurology -Ain Shams University
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Fahmy
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Farid El Sherbeny
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Fathy Elshahat
Professor at Plastic Surgery department, Ain Shams University
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Khalifa nafei
professor of general surgery ain-shams university
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Nabil
Dr. Ahmed mohamed Reda Sanad El zOHERY
Neurosurgery consultant
Dr. Ahmed Morsy
Dr. ahmed mostafa
Dr. Ahmed Mostafa
Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Sadek
Dr. Ahmed Mounir Mahmoud Shalaby
Professor of Ophthalmology - Cairo University
Dr. Ahmed Naim Attia
Dr. Ahmed Nour
Consultant of ophthalmology & Oculoplasty
Dr. Ahmed Osama Mohamed Hashem
Dr. Ahmed Osama Touny Hegazy
Professor of Surgical oncology (National Cancer Institute Cairo University)
Dr. Ahmed Reda Mahmoud
Consultant Neonatology
Dr. Ahmed Rezk Mohamed Mokhtar
Professor Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Ahmed Saeed Abdel Razik Ahmed
Associate prof.of Ophthalmology Zagazig University
Dr. Ahmed Said
Dr. Ahmed Samir
Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery
Dr. Ahmed Samy
Dr. Ahmed Sayed El-Hefnawy
Dr. Ahmed Sekotory Mahmoud
Consultant Gynecology and Minimal Access Surgery & Consultant Gynecology Oncology
Dr. Ahmed Skoukry
Dr. Ahmed Talaat elkarn
Consultant Pediatric surgery
Dr. Ahmed Waheed
Dr. Ahmed Yahya
Dr. Ahmed Yahya Mustafa
Dr. Ahmed Yamany Sayed Ali
Consultant of Internal Medicine
Dr. Ahmed yamany sayed ali
consultant of internal medicne
Dr. Ahmed Yasser Ramadan
Dr. Ahmed Yousry Mohamed El Sayed El Agamawy
Head Of Department Of Clinical Oncology - Faculty Of Medicine Al- Azhar University
Dr. Alaa Al-Haddad
Dr. Alaa Amara
Dr. Alaa El-Din Atef Al-Zayat
Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Alaa El-Din Ismail Abdel Mottaleb
Professor Emeritus of Surgery, Ain Shams university
Dr. Alaa El-Din Naguib El-Ebrashy
Prof of Obs & Gyn cairo university
Dr. Alaa El-Sayed
Dr. Alaa Ghita
Head of E.N.T Department
Dr. Alaa Mohamed Ali El-Deeb
Dr. Alaa Mohamed Ali El-Deeb
Dr. Ali Abdel Dayem Ali
professor audiology
Dr. Ali Abdel Karim
Dr. Ali Ahmed Fathi Mohamed
Dr. Ali Ebrahim Soliman
Consultant of Neurosurgery / assistant professor of Neurosurgery Ain Shams university
Dr. Ali Mohamad Al-Amin
Dr. Alia Hassan Mahmoud Mansour
ass.professor of neurosurgery
Dr. Aliaa Adel Sayed Mohamed
Maxillofacial Surgery specialist
Dr. Aliaa Magdy Hassan Radwan
Endodontics specialist
Dr. Allam El-Sayed Allam
Dr. Amal Abd Elaziz El Sayed Noah
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology zagazig university
Dr. Amal Atta
Dr. Amani Hussein Abu Al-Majd
Dr. Amany Abdel Azez Khedr
consultant of pediatric medicine(pediatric chest) -- -neonates--- also consultant of special needs children
Dr. Amin Fouad Shaker
Dr. Amin Saeed
Dr. Amira Abdel Fattah Zaki El Kamel
Consultant of Ophthamology department Ain-Shams University
Dr. Amira Bahour Gurguis
Consultant Pediatric
Dr. Amr Abdel Fattah
Professor intervention pain medicine
Dr. Amr Ahmed Mahmoud Abdel Aal
Prime Cultivate team liver (Administrator)
Dr. Amr Ali Mohamed
consultant of internal medicine and endocrine
Dr. Amr Ali Salah Mahmoud
Professor of Plastic Surgery Ain Shams University
Dr. Amr Dawood Mohamed EL Guindy
Consultant Cardiology
Dr. Amr El Fouly
Dr. Amr El Ghandour
Dr. Amr El Hadidy
Dr. Amr Fares Ali
pediatric consultant
Dr. Amr Hegab
Dr. Amr Magdy Mahmoud
professor.Plastic Surgery
Dr. Amr Mohamed Elsayed Abdel Motagaly
Assistant of the President of Military Medical Academy
Dr. Amr Mohamed Emad El-Din Elsobky
Professor of Surgery at the Medical Academy - Head of the Surgery and laparoscopic Department at Maadi Hospital (Formerly)
Dr. Amr Mohamed Mansour
Dr. Amr Mohamed Mansour
Dr. Amr Nabil
Dr. Amr Salama
Dr. Amr Salama
Dr. Amr Sami Abdel Rahman
Dr. Amr Sami Abdel Rahman
Dr. Amr Shafeek
Dr. Asem Ashraf
Dr. Ashraf barakat
Head of Department Plastic Surgery
Dr. Ashraf Abadir
Dr. Ashraf Abdel Sabour Abdel Azeem
Professor of Ophthalmology
Dr. Ashraf Abdel-Baqi Salama
Dr. Ashraf Abdel-Hamid
Dr. Ashraf Abdul Baki Salama
Dr. Ashraf Abou Bakr
Consultant Hepato-Gastroenterology and GI endoscopy
Dr. Ashraf Ahmed Yakout
General doctor / head of E N T dep
Dr. Ashraf Al Saeed
General, a doctor Ashraf Saeed Mohammed, Chairman of the Department of the total, sugar and endocrine
Dr. Ashraf Al Saeed
General doctor Ashraf Saeed Mohammed, Chairman of the Department of the total, sugar and endocrine
Dr. Ashraf Ali Abdel-Fatah
Dr. Ashraf Amin
Dr. Ashraf Basiony
Dr. Ashraf El Saeed Mohamed
General a doctor Ashraf Saeed Mohammed, Chairman of the Department of the total, sugar and endocrine
Dr. Ashraf Elwakeel
Head of Department Orthopedic Surgery Military Armed Forces Hospital
Dr. Ashraf Hamid Tawfiq friend
Consultant Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Ashraf Lotfy
Dr. Ashraf Mahmoud El Sayed
professor Trop Med ain shams university
Dr. Ashraf Mahrous Eid Eid
Lecturer of Ophthalmology
Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Abdel Azim Ghazal
Dental Implants, Removable Prosthesis and Crown & Bridge Consultant
Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Azmy Abdel Gawwad AL REFAIE
Professor & Consultant Pediatric Neurology
Dr. Ashraf Mostafa Mahmoud Barakat
Head of Department Plastic Surgery
Dr. Ashraf Salah El-Din
Major General Doctor Senior Consultant of Ear, Nose, Throat at international medical center
Dr. Ashraf Zaki
Dr. Asima Mohamed Mahgoub
Dr. Asmaa Abdelrahman Nasrallah
Ophthalmology Consultant
Dr. Asmaa Ahmed Abdel Ghaffar
Dr. Asmaa Ahmed Abdul Ghaffar
Dr. Assem Mohamed Ibrahim El Leithy
Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Atef Taha El Bahrawy
Dean of Faculty of Medicine – Zagazig University
Dr. Atef Abdel Ghani
former chairman of department surgery benha university
Dr. Atia Fouad Atia said
head of surgery department
Dr. Aya Diaa El-Din Hussein Tawfiq
Dr. Ayman Abdel Hamid Farghaly
Consultant of Pulmonary Medicine
Dr. Ayman Abdel Samee Hassan Shaheen
Dr. Ayman Abou Shmeila
Dr. Ayman Ahmed Fouad Hassanein
Consultant Urology
Dr. Ayman Email
Dr. Ayman mohamed ahmed Nassef
prof.of neurology - ain shams university
Dr. Ayman Mohamed Ismail
consultant neurosurgery
Dr. Ayman Morttada Abdel Moteleb Mohamed
Assistant Professor of Cardiology – Ain Shams University
Dr. Ayman Refaat Abdel Haseeb
Dr. Ayman Sabry
Dr. Ayman Salem
Dr. Ayman Shabayek
Dr. Ayman Tawfiq
Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist
Dr. Aziza Abdel Moez Hammad
Consultant Endocrinology
Dr. Azza Alaa
Dr. Azza Alaa
Dr. Azza Elias Abdel Salam
Dr. Azza Salah El Din Abdel Hamid
consultant ophthalmology
Dr. Bahaa El Din Abbas
Dr. Bahaa Roshdy Gad El-Rab
Dr. Basant Ibrahim Bahaa El-Din
Dr. Basem Abdel Hameed
Dr. Basem ibrahim Awad
ass.professor of neurosurgery
Dr. Basma Abdel Nasser
Dr. Dalia Farid Abbas
Dr. Dalia Fayez Mohamed Mostafa
Professor of Rheumatology and Immunology Ain Shams university
Dr. Dalia Mohamed Makawi
Endodontics specialist
Dr. Dalia Mohamed Samy
Pediatric consultant clinical nutrition
Dr. Delbent Ibrahim Mabrouk
Professor of dermatology - Faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University
Dr. Dina Essam Rabie
Dr. Dina Nashaat
Dr. Doaa Mohamad Galal
Dr. Ebtesam Mohamed Fahmy Abdel Hamid
Consultant Ophthalmology Militay Hospital
Dr. Ehab Abd EL- Aziz
Consultant Rheumatology Rehabilitation
Dr. Ehab Ahmed Ibrahim
Dr. Ehab Gamal El Deen Mohamed Mahdy
consultant general surgery & laparoscopy surgery - head of surgery dep. Gamrah military hospital
Dr. Ehab Mohamed Sabry
Dr. Ehab Mostafa Mohamed
Dr. Ehab Nada
Dr. Ehab Raafat Abdel Fattah
Professor of Pediatric unology
Dr. Ehab Tantawy
Dr. El Gohary Mohamed El Gohary
Emeritus professor neurosurgery - kasr Al-Ainy
Dr. El Sayed Mostafa Elewah Khalaf
Dr. ُElham Yousry Mohammed
Dr. Emad El-Din Mahmoud El-Sarawy
Dr. Emad Fawzy
Dr. Emad Mamoun
Dr. Eman Ahmed Abdel-Fattah Al-Dibawy
Dr. Eman Fawzy
Dr. Eman Hamid Abdel Dayem
Lecturer of neurology, consultant of neurology at Ain Shams University
Dr. Eman Mohamed Fawzy Montasser
Lecturer of Tropical Medicine Ain Shams University, Hepatology & transplantation consultant at Ain Shams Center for Organ Transplantation
Dr. Eman Nasr El Dine Sultan
Consultant Ophthamology
Dr. Enas Abu El-Azm
Dr. Enas Salah Megaor
head f Clinical Nutrition Department and obesity center - senior consultant
Dr. Enas Salah Megaor
head f Clinical Nutrition Department and obesity center - senior consultant
Dr. Eslam Essam Abdel Rahman
Dental specialist
Dr. Eslam Mohab
Dr. Esraa Mohamed Aladdin Noah
Dr. Essam Abdel-Qawy
Dr. Essam Al - Kady
Head of Vascular Department
Dr. Essam Al - Kady
Head of Vascular Department Maadi Armed force Hospital From 2002 To 2014 Chief of Vascular Surgeon form 2014 to Now
Dr. Essam Ali Abdel El Mohsen
Dr. Essam El Tawdy
Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Ezzat Abdul Khalek
Dr. Faisel Nour El Din Mohamed
Consultant Dermatology
Dr. Faten Fathi Barbary
Dr. Faten Fathi Barbary
Dr. Fatima Fathallah Mahamoud Kenawy
Consultant Neurology
Dr. Fayrouz Abdel Hamid
Dr. Fouad Younis
Dr. Fouad Zaml
Professor of Orthopedic
Dr. Galal El Kadi
Dr. Galal Lotfy
Dr. Gamal Abdel Rahman
Dr. Gamal El Din Esmat Mohamed Gamil
Professor Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University
Dr. Gamal Mohamed Fathy
Dr. Gamal Samy
Dr. Gehan El-Assal
Professor Of Chest Disease, Ainshams University
Dr. George Baheeg Surial
Dr. Ghada Abdel Khaleq
Dr. Ghada El Dorry
Dr. Ghada Mohamed Wajeeh
Dr. Ghada Shousha
Dr. Haitham Ahmed Abdel Kader
Dr. Haitham Ezzat Abdel Aziz Ismail
Dr. Haitham Nasser
Dr. Hala Al-Hijrasi
Dr. Hala Fathi Salah El-Din Khalil
Pediatric and neonatal consultant
Dr. Hamdy Abdel Moneim El Kabany
Dr. Hana Abou-riah
Dr. Hanaa Fathy Abdel Samee Hassan
Consultant in medicine
Dr. Hanan Farouk
Dr. Hanan Mohamed Ahmed Ghoneim
Dr. Hanan Mohamed Hussein Asy
Dr. Hanan Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Shoura
Dr. Hanan Refaat
Dr. Hanan Sayed Mahmoud Yossef
Consultant Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Hanan Youssef Abdul Latif
Dr. Hani Zaki Din
Dr. Hany Abdel Qader Hussein
Dr. Hany Abdel Salam Mahmoud Al Mikati
Dr. hany el saadany
Prime Batinah Department and the unity of the immune complex diseases, rheumatism bridge dome of the Armed Forces
Dr. Hany Elewa
Professor of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Cairo University
Dr. Hany El-Zahaby
Dr. Hany George
Dr. Hany Mohamed Ali
Dr. Hany Mohamed Hassan
Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeries
Dr. Hany Salah El Din
Dr. Hany Sami Atallah
Dr. Hany Yassa
Dr. Hasnaa Mohamed Al-Bandary
Dr. Hassan Abou El Enein
Dr. Hassan Essa
Dr. Hassan Mohamed Jalaleldin ahmed
professor - faculty of medicine - ainshams university
Dr. Hassan Morsi
Dr. Hassan Sadek
Consultant Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implants
Dr. Hassan Salah El-Din Hamdy
professor of medicine at Ain Shams University
Dr. Hatem Abdel Azim
professor of Vascular Surgery
Dr. Hatem Khalif
Dr. Hatem saad hamed El Khouly
Professor of Neurosurgery - Al-Azhar Medicine
Dr. Hatem Shehata
Dr. Hatim Galal Zaki
Professor Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Haytham Hamdy Salem
Assistent Professor of Neurology -Ain shams university /Consultant of Neurology
Dr. Hazem Antar
Dr. Hazem Hamed El-Gogary
Consultant of ophthalmology
Dr. Hazem Mohamed Abdel Moneim Mansour
Dr. Heba Allah Ahmed Ali
Dr. Heba Allah Lotfy
Dr. Heba Allah Yahya Abd El –Rahman
Orthodontics Specialist
Dr. Heba Mahmoud Ibrahim Marie
Lecturer of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Heba Sayed Abdel Aziz
Dr. Helmy EL-Ghawaabi
Dr. Hend Zakaria
Dr. Hesham Abdel Kader Mansour
E.N.T Consultant
Dr. Hesham Abdel Raouf
Brigade retired doctor
Dr. Hesham Hamdy Radwan
Dr. Hesham Mahmoud Hassan Elwakeel
Professor of Clinical Oncology
Dr. Hesham Mohamed Taha
Professor of E.N.T
Dr. Hesham Salah El Din Taha
Professor of Cardiology
Dr. Hesham Salah Mohamed
Consultant obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Dr. Hisham Abdel Azim
Dr. Hisham Ammar Mohamed Ammar
Consultant Cardiology
Dr. Hisham El Ghazaly
Dr. Hisham El Salmy
Dr. Hisham El Tabie
Dr. Hisham Ezzat El-Sawy
Dr. Hisham Hassan Wagdy
Dr. Hisham Ibrahim Abdel Hamid Allam
Dr. Hisham Mohamed Abdel Qader
Dr. Hisham Mohamed Al Saadi
Dr. Hisham Nabil Kamel
Dr. Hisham Shaker
Professor Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Hosam Ghazy el-banna
professor general surgery
Dr. Hosam Samir Ibrahim Elbaz
Consultant of gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy and liver transplantaion
Dr. Hosam Shoukry
Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar
Dr. Hossam Abdel Samie
Dr. Hossam Ahmed Hassan Koura
Head of ophthalmology department
Dr. Hossam El Din Abdel Aziz
Dr. Hossam El Din Fahem Abdel-Rahim
Dr. Hossam El Din Mohamed
Dr. Hossam El Din Mohamed Othman
Dr. Hossam Hassanein
Dr. Hossam Mohamed Kamel
Dr. Hossam Omar
Dr. Hussam Zaki
Consultant Internal Medicine
Dr. Hussein Al-Zuhairi
Dr. Hussein Atef El bakeiey
Dr. Hussein Hassan Morsy
Consultant Neurology & psychiatry
Dr. Hussein Hassan Morsy
Dr. Hussein Mohamed helmy
prof.e.n.t ainshams uni.
Dr. Hussein Mohamed Kamel
Professor of Urology
Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zawahiri
Dr. Ibrahim Badran
Dr. Ibrahim Elgeady
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery-
Dr. Ibrahim Mustafa Ganzoury
Dr. Ihab Aly Hosny
Dr. Ikram Ibrahim Mohamed Saif
Emeritus prof.of plastic, burn and Maxillofacial surgery Ain-Shams University
Dr. Iman Emad El Deen
Dr. Iman Hassan El-Sayad Galal
Professor Chest Diseases – Ain Shams University
Dr. Islam Shawky
Dr. Islam Yousry Hassan
Dr. Ismail Khalaf
Dr. Ismail Mohamed Saber
Dr. Ismail Mohammed Elgarhy
Dr. Jamal Ali
Dr. Jina Huessin Ahmed El-Patrik
Consultant Pediatric and researcher at NRC
Dr. Kamel Rashad Al - Munir
Removable Prosthesis and Crown & Bridge Consultant
Dr. Karim Adel Ahmed Hosny Mahmoud
Assistant Professor General and Vascular Surgery Cairo University
Dr. Karim Mahmoud
Endodontics specialist
Dr. Karim Mohamed Shaarawy
Dr. Khaled Mohammed Yehia El Nady
lecturer of cardiology
Dr. Khaled Abdel Bahi
Dr. Khaled Abdel Hakam Shaheen
Dr. Khaled Abdul Karim
Dr. Khaled Ali Abdelkader
Dr. khaled elkholy
Major General Doctor
Dr. Khaled Fawzy Abdel Fattah
Dr. Khaled Gaber Sabaa
Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Air Force Specialized Hospital
Dr. Khaled Gouda
Dr. Khaled Ibrahim Ali Adullah
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Khaled Khalil
Dr. Khaled Mahmoud Farid Zazmzam
Consultant Chest Diseases
Dr. Khaled Mohamed Mounir Elshazly
Consultant Dermatologist - Head of Dermatology & Andrology Department
Dr. Khalid Abdulaziz
Dr. Khalid Al Khouly
Dr. Labib Yousry Abdullatif
Dr. Laila Mahmoud Abdel Ghaffar Hegazy
Dr. Laila Saleh Abdel Rahman Abouda
professor of internal medicine faculty of medicine ain ahams university
Dr. Lamia Ibrahim Abdel Azim
Associate professor of neuology fayoum university
Dr. Lobna Ezz El Arab
Dr. Lobna Mohamed El Nabil
Professor of Neurology - faculty of medicine - Ain Shams University